Introducing… new resources for pianists!

Introducing… new resources for pianists!by Anna Ferraro | May 1, 2020Years ago, one of my company coach’s told me, “Your listeners don’t just want to hear what you do, they want to know HOW you do it! You need to write an eBook that will inspire your listeners and give them the tools to take their piano skills to the next level.” That was over two years ago. Today, the eBook he told me to write releases in my online store. What’s it about? Keep reading… Here’s a fact: nervousness can come over anyone when they realize that people are … Read More

When I Survey {New Recording}

When I Survey {New Recording}by Anna Ferraro | April 10, 2020It’s Good Friday today. When I was young, I was confused by its name. Wasn’t Good Friday one of the darkest days in history — when Christ the Lord was cruelly crucified to a cross, bearing the sins of the world? So why is it “Good?” Today, I smile through tears as I reflect — Good Friday is good.  It’s good because on that day, Christ’s death marked the beginning of our life.  Every human — myself included — deserves to die for our sins. On Good Friday, Christ paid … Read More

Hymns of Hope: A Concert On My Piano

Hymns of Hope – A Concert on my pianoby Anna Ferraro | March 30, 2020It goes without saying that it’s been a crazy time in our world with the various responses to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). So there’s no better time than this to think on things that are true and unchanging — the Person of Jesus Christ, and the hope we have in Him. Below are lyrics to the hymns for the online “concert” on Wednesday, April 1st. Follow the lyrics along with the music, if you desire. I pray they are an encouragement to you.  The concert will be streamed LIVE … Read More

As the Semester Begins

As the Semester Beginsby Anna Ferraro | September 11, 2019As I embark on my second full week of teaching this semester, I find myself reflecting on things in my studio that I want to be consistent with in the coming days. In reflecting, I found several themes that surfaced repeatedly through last semester. My hope is that in recording them here, I will be able to  reconnect with each of these concepts this fall, and then build off of them for greater learning in the studio as the semester progresses. 1. Assignments: Less is more.  This year, I’ve not only … Read More

For the Hard Holiday Moments

Fighting the Hard Holiday Momentsby Anna Ferraro | December 10, 2018I don’t know about you, but it’s been an interesting holiday season for me and my family. We normally invest a lot of time and energy practicing and performing music for audiences far and wide – sharing the joy of the season. But behind the spotlights and the stage curtains, life is happening for us too. A car accident, the death of a close friend, some sickness, and some high-stress job demands threaten to spiral our season into strain and stress. And then the calendar tells us to “smile and … Read More

[VIDEOS]: Christmas Carol Conversations

VIDEOS: Christmas Carol Conversationsby Anna Ferraro | December 5th, 2018Underneath the titles of Christmas carols is incredible depth and meaning. Join pianist Anna Ferraro in looking into lyrics to find the “dawn of redeeming grace…” “We see the heart of God in planning Christmas before the beginning of the world… His character, His wisdom, His sovereignty…” Get Redemption Dawns today >>“When we sing, ‘Go, tell it on the mountain…’ we’re singing about real-world, gospel-driven missions. The shepherds figured out the gospel, and they figured out what to do with the gospel 33 years before the Great Commission even existed…” Get … Read More

Behind the Scenes, Part 3: Producing

Behind the scenes, Part 3: Producingby Anna Ferraro | October 22, 2018Here’s Part 3 in this mini-series behind the scenes of Redemption Dawns. This last post gives a glimpse into the production process of this Christmas piano album. After recording (which is really the fun part!), the album production process becomes very businesslike. You get to enjoy hours upon hours of phone calls, messages, and emails with sound engineers, graphic designers, distribution companies, duplication managers, sponsors, investors, and more (really, when you’re a musician, most of your life is just straight business, and every once in while you actually get … Read More

Behind the Scenes, Part 2: Recording

Behind the scenes, Part 2: Recordingby Anna Ferraro | October 15, 2018Here’s Part 2 in this mini-series behind the scenes of Redemption Dawns (Anna’s album of beautiful Christmas piano music!) – now looking at the recording process… [Reality insert: As any recording date draws near, I’m usually pretty stressed… Nothing ever comes together as smoothly as we would like it, and crazy things always change at the 11th hour. Such is the way of life. And if I make a recording every year until the year that I die, I don’t think that factor will ever change]. During the week … Read More

Behind the Scenes, Part 1: Creating

Behind the scenes, Part 1: Creatingby Anna Ferraro | October 8, 2018“How do you do it?” people ask. “You know, improvising in the recording studio. No two takes alike. And then getting the whole project finished. What’s that like?” Creating… recording… producing… Let’s talk in that order for this blog mini-series. Creating: When I set out to create on an album, I’m usually working around a set of ideas. For Haven of Rest (2016), I was working around the idea of the rest Christ gives to us during the hard seasons of life. For the album Where Glory Dwells (2017), … Read More

The Making of Redemption Dawns: The Content

The Making of Redemption DAwns: The contentby Anna Ferraro | September 29, 2018Redemption Dawns was produced in response to overwhelming requests from listeners of my past albums. In this album, I set out to unite the best of Christmas music, with the best of hymnody and scripture. What does that look like? Keep reading… In the timeless carol, “Silent Night,” Franz Gruber said, “… radiance beamed from God’s holy face, with the dawn of redeeming grace. …” That, my friends, is Christmas — the ultimate story of redemption, told through Christ’s journey from the cradle, to the cross, to the … Read More