The Making of Redemption Dawns: The Challenge

The Making of Redemption DAwns: The Challengeby Anna Ferraro | September 22, 2018Every album is a journey, and this one was no exception. As requests from listeners for a third album poured in, I struggled and wrestled against the proposition for months. And for good reasons, too. Life and work were piled up on me in the throes of a messy arm injury, and I really needed less, not more. Plus, as I calculated how my sprained arm had turned into tendinitis, maybe just signing myself up for another set of recording contracts wasn’t the best idea…  But as I … Read More

The Making of Redemption Dawns: The Beginning

The Making of Redemption DAwns: The Beginningby Anna Ferraro | September 15, 2018Where are visions born? In exciting places? In dark places? In confusing places? In my case, the answer is, usually, all of the above. 2013 was a crazy year. A massive jaw and neck injury shattered the course of my post-college plans and leveled me for a good long while before I found a reasonable routine for life again. Of course, it all happened at the height of a national piano competition. I remember Christmas of that year well – wrestling through the injury, crushed dreams, and now, … Read More

Why I Teach

Why I Teachby Anna Ferraro | August 31, 2018At the end of long teaching days, there are good reasons to never quit. And these are just a few of them… I teach because it gives me a chance to view the world through the eyes of different and amazing people. People who struggle with different things than I do, and master different things than I do. Children who’s views are fresh and unbounded. Adults who’s views are seasoned and wise. These views inspire. I teach because students will invariably come into their lessons with a frustrated crease on their faces … Read More

My Musical Mishaps

My Musical Mishapsby Anna Ferraro | June 13, 2018We’ve all had them. Like the moment when the keyboard goes dead in the middle of a live performance. When we walk on stage to collaborate with an artist and realize that we were handed the wrong set of accompaniment music. The fun of sight-reading under the spotlight. And more. From my early days as a nine-year-old church pianist, to the many professional piano jobs and concerts that I now take, every one has had its quirks and unpredictabilities. Life as a professional pianist is never dull, and as such, I wouldn’t trade … Read More

The Great Romantics

The Great Romanticsby Anna Ferraro | May 31, 2018Last weekend, I had the opportunity to perform a concert alongside of two highly talented area artists. Together, we compiled some of the greatest pieces of art, poetry, song, and music from the Romantic Era, and performed it as a benefit concert for the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra. Here is a transcript of the short lecture I gave in the concert prior to my performance of a Chopin nocturne.“As you’ve seen so far, in the Romantic era, music, literature, and art expanded to greater heights and depths of expression than ever before. In Music, … Read More

New Release: Where Glory Dwells

New Release: Where Glory Dwellsby Anna Ferraro | September 27th, 2017This summer, I embarked on another album recording adventure… this time, with a new stylistic twist – a collection of “riverside hymns and spirituals….” As I thought about the direction to take this album, I began in the same place I began with my previous album – reflecting on the journey the Lord has me on in life right now. Over this past year, God has been leading me to find all of my joy in Him, regardless of what circumstances in my life looked like. In this broken world, Christ … Read More

“Miss Anna’s” Pedagogy Values

Miss Anna’s Pedagogy Valuesby Anna Ferraro | September 1st, 2017As the 2017 school year opened, and I welcomed a swarm of new students into my studio, I took some time to reflect on my teaching values that have built the studio that I have today. It was refreshing to remind myself and my students in our reflections why we do what we do each time we have a lesson together… Here are my reflections on my music pedagogy values: I believe that music is one of the greatest gifts that God has given us. It’s a gift that we can carry … Read More

The Story Behind “Haven of Rest”

The Story Behind “Haven of Rest”by Anna Ferraro | August 1st, 2017I grew up playing the hymns of the faith on the piano. As a seven-year-old, I would come home from church and play every song we had sung – by ear. At nine years old, I began filling in for our church pianist. When I became a teenager, I resolved that I would become a classical concert pianist, and began to passionately work towards that dream. I practiced piano every waking moment possible, and dreamt about it in every non-waking moment. When I was in high school, I would play … Read More