Hymns of Hope: A Concert On My Piano

Hymns of Hope – A Concert on my pianoby Anna Ferraro | March 30, 2020It goes without saying that it’s been a crazy time in our world with the various responses to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). So there’s no better time than this to think on things that are true and unchanging — the Person of Jesus Christ, and the hope we have in Him. Below are lyrics to the hymns for the online “concert” on Wednesday, April 1st. Follow the lyrics along with the music, if you desire. I pray they are an encouragement to you.  The concert will be streamed LIVE … Read More

My Musical Mishaps

My Musical Mishapsby Anna Ferraro | June 13, 2018We’ve all had them. Like the moment when the keyboard goes dead in the middle of a live performance. When we walk on stage to collaborate with an artist and realize that we were handed the wrong set of accompaniment music. The fun of sight-reading under the spotlight. And more. From my early days as a nine-year-old church pianist, to the many professional piano jobs and concerts that I now take, every one has had its quirks and unpredictabilities. Life as a professional pianist is never dull, and as such, I wouldn’t trade … Read More