Introducing… new resources for pianists!

Introducing… new resources for pianists!by Anna Ferraro | May 1, 2020Years ago, one of my company coach’s told me, “Your listeners don’t just want to hear what you do, they want to know HOW you do it! You need to write an eBook that will inspire your listeners and give them the tools to take their piano skills to the next level.” That was over two years ago. Today, the eBook he told me to write releases in my online store. What’s it about? Keep reading… Here’s a fact: nervousness can come over anyone when they realize that people are … Read More

As the Semester Begins

As the Semester Beginsby Anna Ferraro | September 11, 2019As I embark on my second full week of teaching this semester, I find myself reflecting on things in my studio that I want to be consistent with in the coming days. In reflecting, I found several themes that surfaced repeatedly through last semester. My hope is that in recording them here, I will be able to  reconnect with each of these concepts this fall, and then build off of them for greater learning in the studio as the semester progresses. 1. Assignments: Less is more.  This year, I’ve not only … Read More

Why I Teach

Why I Teachby Anna Ferraro | August 31, 2018At the end of long teaching days, there are good reasons to never quit. And these are just a few of them… I teach because it gives me a chance to view the world through the eyes of different and amazing people. People who struggle with different things than I do, and master different things than I do. Children who’s views are fresh and unbounded. Adults who’s views are seasoned and wise. These views inspire. I teach because students will invariably come into their lessons with a frustrated crease on their faces … Read More

“Miss Anna’s” Pedagogy Values

Miss Anna’s Pedagogy Valuesby Anna Ferraro | September 1st, 2017As the 2017 school year opened, and I welcomed a swarm of new students into my studio, I took some time to reflect on my teaching values that have built the studio that I have today. It was refreshing to remind myself and my students in our reflections why we do what we do each time we have a lesson together… Here are my reflections on my music pedagogy values: I believe that music is one of the greatest gifts that God has given us. It’s a gift that we can carry … Read More