Introducing… new resources for pianists!

Introducing... new resources for pianists!

by Anna Ferraro | May 1, 2020

Years ago, one of my company coach's told me, "Your listeners don't just want to hear what you do, they want to know HOW you do it! You need to write an eBook that will inspire your listeners and give them the tools to take their piano skills to the next level."

That was over two years ago. Today, the eBook he told me to write releases in my online store.

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Here's a fact: nervousness can come over anyone when they realize that people are listening or watching them. Some students freeze up when they realize that their parents have tuned into their piano practice. Others become stressed when they enter their teacher’s studio for a lesson. Still others experience paralyzing fear when they step onto a brightly-lit stage in an echoing concert hall.

Let’s face it, performance at any level is not easy, and there are always variables.

So if every variable can affect us, how do we take all the factors that could be working against us, and make them work in our favor? That’s a great question. 

I tackle this question and dozens of others in my new eBook — Powerful Performance: Helping You Thrive Under Musical Pressure. 

But that's not all! Great performances are the result of great planning and preparation. In essence, what happens on stage is a direct result of what has happened in the practice room.

I couldn't stop with just one eBook on performance. So I wrote two eBooks.

In my second eBook, I explore what it means to have productive practice, and give you solid tools to see results in every rehearsal session. 

To celebrate their release, the eBooks are on sale from May 1st - May 31st, 2020!

I hope you love these new resources, and that they are an amazing support for you as a musician. 

With you on the journey,

Anna Ferraro, Pianist

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