Why I Teach

Why I Teach

by Anna Ferraro | August 31, 2018

At the end of long teaching days, there are good reasons to never quit. And these are just a few of them...

I teach because it gives me a chance to view the world through the eyes of different and amazing people. People who struggle with different things than I do, and master different things than I do. Children who’s views are fresh and unbounded. Adults who’s views are seasoned and wise. These views inspire.

I teach because students will invariably come into their lessons with a frustrated crease on their faces after hard days. In my studio, by God’s grace, they will invariably leave with peaceful smiles replacing the frowns and a renewed love for life and music.

I teach because I need to learn, and in teaching, I learn more than I ever did as a student. Technique. Theory. History. Improvisation. Composition. All. Through experiencing my students’ amazing brains, I’m constantly musing, “Hmmm, I’ve never thought of it that way before....”

I teach because it is hard, and challenges are healthy. The stretch of the schedule, the task of troubleshooting, and the circle of the circuses that run in my studio all serve to mold me and remind me that each day is not about what I get, but about what I can give.

I teach because I was taught myself - by teachers who willingly gave of their time and energy to train my brain for artistry and train my hands for sound. I didn’t deserve their patience, and some days, I don’t deserve my students’ patience with me.

I teach because it is beautiful, and I am a lover of beauty - in the world, and in people - all created by the hand of a creative and masterful God Who invites us to give beauty back to Him.

And finally, I teach because it is the task that God’s given me for this season of my life. Therefore, it is a gift. And therefore, it is a privilege. And though I may grow weary some days, I am resolved to never miss the bigger picture of why I am here on this earth- to glorify God and to share Him with others. I have no better tool for that today, than teaching. And so I teach.